Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing has surged in popularity in recent years because it has the look of wrought iron with none of the disadvantages.

Aluminum Fence Portfolio

White Jerith 6ft
Alumi-Guard 5ft
Alumi-Guard Black
Alumi-Guard Custom
Alumi-Guard Pool
Black Aluminum Spear Top
Black Aluminum 54″
Black Aluminum Puppy Picket
Bronze Aluminum
Bronze Jerith
Black Aluminum
Jerith #202
Jerith #202
Jerith #100
Jerith Bronze #202 Modified
Jerith Bronze #202
Victoria With Gold Finials
Victoria With Finials
White Aluminum 6ft
White Aluminum

Unlike wrought iron, aluminum by its nature will not corrode or oxidize even if you don’t repaint it regularly, making it especially advantageous for installations near the salt water coast. Further, aluminum fencing is typically powder coated rather than liquid painted. Powder coating is when dry powder that is electro-statically charged adheres to the surface of the fence and is then baked on as an enamel finish.


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